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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

COOPER Won, Philippines DOOMED!

Republic of the Philippines, this is your PRESIDENT.

I guess we are really an emotional country to begin with. But what can we do know? Sit on the bench nourn the bad fate that fell on our drowning nation.


We keep on moving on and pissing this dumb administration by telling the people what they are hiding. What's really going on and our opinion in all their Idiotic ideas and moronic moves.

Yes People, we will struggle to keep up with our low IQ, dumbass President for the next six years. We will painfully listen no all the nightly news about his failing administration. We will not be surprised by the upheavals of our fellow Pilipinos, who voted for him actually, because of promises like battling corruption never materialized.

We will be vigilant!

We will not stop putting this Boneless and Brainless Aminstration under a microscope. They promised things, and althought we know promises are supposed to be broken, these fallible words they uttered to corrupt the peoples mind should materialized in someway or another.

Or else...

We, the people, who from the start saw the weakness of this Adminstration, will have to put the laws into our own hands and cry out loud on the streets for the ousting of COOPER, I mean Noynoy.

So help us GOD!

Monday, May 3, 2010

People Power when Election fraud happen is simple stoic and stupid. Well what can we expect from Noynoy Aquino but plain stupidity?

People was called back then to show that the Filipinos are more powerful than a dictatorship of Marcos regime. Ite was unplanned, it moved Filipinos to, once and for all, fight for their country.

And for crying out loud there was no Aquino during that entire historical scene. So It was boastful of Auino to really claim the People Power.

Cardinal Rosales was right when he said that what Aquino announced was a crazy antics. CArzy antics are announced by crazy people. Cardinal Rosales knew better to trust the Constitution guided by Aquino's mother, Cory.

If Noynoy has no faith in the laws and the constitution where his mother was a part of making then how could he ever uphold any of it?

Filipinos are far more wiser and intelligent now compared before. So why result to something rallying when noynoy fancy himself to be smart and intelligent? why can't he win his bet on the basis of brains and challenge the result on that same basis?

Probably because he doesn't have brains to do so.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May pinagmanahan si Noynoy

As everyone points their fingers to Villar, it was Noynoy who was doing the deed. In fact this lineage he was so keen in using to gain votes is as rotten as hell.

Everyone will hate me because of this entry but truth isn't as sweet and immaculately clean as everyone thinks it is, especially the lineage of Noynoy Cojuangco-Aquino. For the past months we are only hearing the dirt of the one side of the Family, The Cojuangco's, because they are more prominent especially in business. So we thought that the AQUINO's are crystal clean on the other end.

I hate to break this, because it also broke the pedestal where I put NINOY Aquino but, history is history, It happened and there are people who saw it but were silenced then.

" More horrendous is the lingering widespread suspicion that he purposely did not attend an LP meeting de avance at Plaza Miranda which he was supposed to emcee. Already believable is: Ninoy knew the communists would bomb the makeshift stage at 10 in the evening to annihilate the party’s bigwigs, blame President Ferdinand Marcos for the carnage, and groom him as the sole surviving opposition challenger to the reelectionist Marcos. And where was Ninoy at 10 that night? At an insignificant despedida de soltera — to which I had also been invited — watching the rally on TV and looking fidgety until the grenades exploded shortly past 10.

During the years that followed, Doy Laurel and I would share the same suspicions about Ninoy — until the communists eventually announced the carnage was their handiwork. "

Wicked right?

Read this article from Ronald Roy at The Daily Tribune, here is the link:

I know Ninoy was hailed Hero of the Filipinos, because he died for the country. But as I looked back, there is this thought playing around in my head. Was everything that happened back then premeditated?

Ninoy Aquino was a brilliant man, no argument on that. But He is still a man, with flaws, with aspirations for his country and ambitions for himself. And with a brilliant mind we can expect everything, either good or bad.

Much as i don't want to say bad things to dead people, but the living's fate is at stake if Filipinos continually believe that Noynoy Aquino has the immaculately clean record as well as his lineage.

There is no coincidence in Politics only conspiracy and Perfect planning. Like in the game of Chess you need to sacrifice a knight in order for the Queen to Checkmate the opponent's King.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dagupan Dinagsa! langaw.

Got this photos in my email. It was the Dagupan Sortie of Noynoy.





Nakaka-inggit ang ganitong Sortie...


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Si NoyNoy at ang Tuwid na Daan

May narinig akong radio ad ni Noynoy Aquino kaninang umaga. Ginamit niya yung na two roads bilang kwento sa Ads. Isang baluktot at isang tuwid. Ang mga Politiko daw na pinipili ang baluktot na daan ay maihahalintulad sa isang ahas na di dapat pagkatiwalaan. At siya Pinili niya ang tuwid na daan, kung saan doon niya aakayin ang mga Pilipino, isang matuwid na daan patungo sa kaunlaran.

Sa Piniling daan ni Noynoy makikita nating ang kawalang kakayahan niya. Para kasi sa akin ang pagpili sa isang madaling daan ang pinakaalang kwentang gagawin ng isang lider.

Sa isang tuwid na daan wala ka ng gagawin kundi dumaan, wala na kasing sagabal, walang nakaharang. Wala ka ng dapat linisin. Kumbaga plantsado na. Lalakaran mo na lamang. Effortless ika nga.

Sa baluktot na daan anjan pa ang mga bato ay lubak. May mga na kaharang pang natumbang punong kahoy. Mahirap dumaan. Kelangan mong alalayan ang mga kasama mo lalo na kung ikaw ang lider nila. Dahil ikaw ang nauuna, kelangan mong linisin ang daan para sa mga susunod para sila ay makadaan ng maayos kahit papaano.

Sa lagay ng Pilipinas, mas maihahalintulad ito sa baluktot na daan. Saan man nating tignan ang Pilipinas, aminin man natin o hindi ang kabulukan nito sa loob at sa labas, hindi natin maiaalis ag katotohanan baluktot ang daang tinatahatak ng bansa natin.

At mas gugustuhin ko na ang pangulong sasamahan at lilinisin ang daan ng Pilpipinas para sa mga Pilipino kesa sa Pagulong naghahanap ng mabilis, malinis at effortless na ruta. Malamang kaya niya gusto ang matuwid na daan dahil hindi niya kayang ituwid ang baluktot na daan. Ngayon paano niya tatapusina ng kurapsyon yung balak niya takasan ang katotohanan tungkol sa bansang gusto niyang pamunuan?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

RP under Noynoy Administration

I wonder what happens if Noynoy wins. So I came up with so probable possibilities.

1.Hacienda Luisita farmers will continue to suffer their cruel state. They can’t ask the Government to award their land titles or even honor the CARP since the President is a Haciendero.

2. lots of demonstration will happen. A lot of people waste their hope on a Man that can’t prove his own worth, so after three months in the office a lot of National and International issues were unheeded. People starts to see his incompetency. probably coup de tat, He would exceed the numbers that occurred during his mother’s term.

3. MERALCO will start to hike and the palace will not do anything about this. Electricity is a major necessity nowadays and people will do everything to have electricity even pay for it in a higher cost.

4. Kris Aquino will bully all the celebrities, actresses and actors, since she holds an utmost importance to ABiaS-CBN for being Noynoy’s sister. She will be the Queen of national television. ABiaS-CBN will have their own power tripping, they have a stronger bond with the president now, but they have to refrain from reporting news that don’t pass Kris’ approval.

5. If GMA also wins, He would appoint her as the Speaker of the House. Push Cha-Cha through, along with his Kamag-anak Incorporations, then Gloria AQUINO, OOpps! Gloria Arroyo will be the Prime minister of the Phillipines. This is more likely to happen since Gloria and Noynoy ties are stronger and visible enough.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saludo ako kay Noynoy!

Saludo ako sa isang Haciendero

Hindi maikakaila ang isang bagay. Ito ay ang katotohanang Si Noynoy Cojuangco-Aquino ay isang Haciendero. Kitang-kita ang pruweba, nakadikit sa pangalan niya, Cojuangco-Aquino.

At may mga katotohanan kahit alam ng karamihan ay ayaw nilang pansinin. Ito ay ang mga kadahilanan ng mga Haciendero kung bakit nila ayaw umangat ang buhay ng kanilang mga trabahador.

1.Kapag marami pang mahirap, lalo na sa lugar nila, mas lalong dadami ang trabahador nila. Kung mas madami ang trabahador mabilis at madami ang prokudsyon, habng barya lang ang ibabayad nila sa mga tabahador at magsasaka bilang sweldo.

2.Kapag ang isang pamilyang magsasaka ay hindi nakapag-paaral ng kanilang mga anak dahil sa iilang pisong sweldo nila tatanda ang bata na mangmang at ang trabahong pwede lang sa kanya ay alipin ulit ng Hacienda.

Kapag tinanggap ng mga Haciendero ang mangmang na bata bilang trabahador, tatanaww ang pamilya nito ng utang-na-loob sa mga Hacienderong amo nila.

Ganitong paraan hawak sa leeg ng mga Haciendero ang mga magsasaka pati ang susunod na henerasyon ila.

3.Kapag ang isang Haciendero ay naluklok sa sa lokal na pamahalaan, kampante ang mga kamang-anak nitong nangpapatakbo ng Hacienda. Protektado ang Hacienda. Hindi masisilip ang nangyayari sa loob. May assistance pa ng pamahalaan.

Kapag isang Haciendero and namuno sa Malakanyang, naguumapaw ang kaligayahan at kahayukan sa kayamanan sa Kayamanan at Kapangyarihan ng mga kamang-anak nito na kahati sa korporasyon ng Hacienda.

Alam kung paano gagamitin ang posisyon para pangalagaan ang kayamanan nila!

Mahusay na Plano.
Mahusay na Negosyante.
Mahusay na Kongresman.
Mahusay na Haciendero.

Mahusay si Noynoy at ang Kamag-anak Inc.